Sunday, January 18, 2009

With approximately 72 hours to go...

While listening to "Fiery Crash" by Andrew Bird, I was reminded of Lost, and the fiery plane crash that started it all. And, being the playlist-creating nerd that I am, I ran with the idea and came up with this playlist, in honor of the Season 5 premiere. The songs, along with a brief explanation of the reasoning behind each one, follows.

  1. Fiery Crash - Andrew Bird: It all started with a fiery crash.
  2. Island in the Sun - Weezer: It may not be a tropical paradise, but it is an island in the sun.
  3. Keep It Together - Guster: The Losties get their bearings on the Island.
  4. Watch the Sky - Something Corporate: The Losties await rescue.
  5. I'm Not Crying - Flight of the Conchords: Jack cries. A lot. (Inspired by The Ack! Attack)
  6. Funnyman - KT Tunstall: Locke is convinced that Island is more than it appears, and thinks it's up to him to figure it out.
  7. Secret - Missy Higgins: Sawyer's life as a con man is one big secret.
  8. See How I Run - Jessie Baylin: Kate can't manage to stay in one place too long.
  9. Unknown - Lifehouse: Locke and Boone wonder about the mysteries of the Hatch.
  10. The Good Fight - Dashboard Confessional: Jack and Locke are at odds over the Hatch and the purpose of the Island.
  11. We're All In This Together - Ben Lee: Live together or die alone; everyone is connected to each other.
  12. I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie: Ben has a creepy obsession with Juliette.
  13. Mad World - Gary Jules/Michael Andrews: Daniel notices that that Island has unusual properties.
  14. Time Won't Let Me Go - The Bravery: Desmond has adventures in time travel.
  15. In Our Darkest Hour - Phantom Planet: The Losties are determined to get off of the Island.
  16. The Lightning Strike, i. What If This Storm Ends? - Snow Patrol: Sawyer jumps off the helicopter, knowing he may never see Kate again.
  17. The Great Beyond - R.E.M.: Seriously, what is up with that Island?
  18. Lost! - Coldplay

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Bits and More Pieces

Nov 14, On Gilmore Girls, and the sadness that was Seasons 6 and 7.

8:00 PM me: i was just reading ack attack, and I saw a comment of a person who said, "oh my gosh! this warms my soul!" warms my soul? I must know this person! Turns out, I do!
Mallory: Hahaha!
You know me too well.
me: Well it's always strange to see someone say exactly what i would have said.
8:01 PM i mean, really, how many people do you know that say "warms my soul?"
not very many.
Mallory: So true.
8:02 PM me: Which Gilmore Girls are you watching?
Mallory: So, I'm watching the Gilmore Girls for the first time in months. Unfortunately, its an episode from the April storyline, which is not my favorite.
me: Nor mine.
8:03 PM Mallory: It's the epsidoe where Luke is planning his trip for April's math thing, and Rory visits her mom's store, and Richard and Emily are looking for a house in Stars Hollow.
me: Ohhh.
8:04 PM That means the one with Jess's store is coming up.
Mallory: Yeah
But I think I'll have to wait until Monday for it to be recorded.
8:05 PM me: I can't remember whether I told you this, but after watching the Jess ep earlier that season, I thought to myself: I hate Peter Patrelli of Heroes, and Milo Ventimiglia kind of is dumb, but I still and probably forever will, love Jess.
Mallory: Ha, yeah you did tell me that. Sometimes I watch this show and am astounded at the lack of character development in Lorelai. She always has the same responses and behaviors.
me: It's true.
8:06 PM Mallory: Oh, well.
me: Well I think it's true of all of the characters.
They very rarely ever said what they meant.
This show could easily be called "Gilmore Girls and their Lack of Communciation."
Mallory: Yeah.
8:07 PM me: Which is odd, because for two people who can talk so quickly, they very rarely have anything to say.
Mallory: It's all pop culture references and snarky comments, really. But, that is a big part of what makes it such a good show.
8:08 PM me: And how I love it.
8:09 PM Mallory: Me too.
8:10 PM me: Well, it's getting to be the training montage of Kung Fu Panda...which I bought today.
So I'm gonna go.
Enjoy the Girls.
8:11 PM Mallory: thanks
talk to you later
me: bye!

Nov 17, On The Office, 30 Rock, and our opinions of Jennifer Aniston.

4:25 PM me: PS, just watched the office.
4:26 PM Mallory: And...?
Oh, I totally talked about it with The French Teacher today, it was awesome.
me: yes, the messed up design program jargon bugged, but they can say whatever they want if I can dream of Jim walking toward me with that smile.
Mallory: Amen, sistah!
me: i really, really liked that.
4:27 PM that, and the strut of Darryl was the strut of a free man.
I liked that too.
Mallory: The best thing about the office is that the last 3 minutes are always the most important part of the show!
Yeah, that was awesome. And stupid Ryan regretting getting back with Kelly, haha!
4:28 PM me: Seriously. Ryan is like out of control insane. What is up with that?
Mallory: He's like a sociopath or something. He always wants what he doesn't have.
4:29 PM me: It's very strange.
Mallory: I think that was one of the better episodes so far this season.
4:30 PM me: I agree.
Mallory: And, I am so freaking excited about Toby coming back this week. The Michael/Toby relationship is one of my favorite things.
me: I am too!!
4:32 PM Did you watch 30 Rock? It's making me giggle.
Mallory: Yes, of course, I love that show.
It reminds me of Arrested Development, in that it's kind of random and bizarre but hilarious.
4:33 PM me: I also love that.
Mallory: I thought Jennifer Aniston was pretty good.
4:34 PM me: Yeah. I really do love her. I still sort of hate Angelina Jolie.
Mallory: Yep.
I actually always thought that I like Jennifer Aniston, but I later realized that I actually like Rachel Green, no so much Jennifer Aniston herself.
4:35 PM And now I won't be surprised if she really is pregnant with John Mayer's lovechild.
me: That would be awkward.
Mallory: I don't know. that gossip usually ends up being true.
me: Well, I just read her interview in Vogue.
4:36 PM And it was really vague about them
Mallory: oh yeah?
me: About how they decided "they were at a place where they both knew they needed to go in a different direction from each other"
but how she really really loves him. The
Mallory: and that direction ended up being...back together again
me: They"still talk and adore each other"
4:37 PM but she described her new house that she's remodeling. i want to be her roommate.
Mallory: Really? does it sound awesome?
4:38 PM me: Yeah. It's like a spa. Hold on, let me see if I can find the link.
Mallory: k
4:40 PM Mallory: man, she must never eat or work out constantly, or both
4:42 PM me: yeah she does look pretty amazing.

On Twilight, Lost's fifth season, and J.J.

8:57 AM me: Ah geez: Twilight made Kristen Stewart stupid! or made her turn to some sort of drugs....
Mallory: Gah! Don't get me started on Kristen Stewart. I'm annoyed with her already...
But, this does sound entertaining...
8:58 AM me: Why does she annoy you?
Mallory: 'Cause she so BORING and nothing is interesting enough for her. She can't even pretend that she likes Twilight?
8:59 AM me: hahahaha
Mallory: Everything I"ve seen her on, she's like, "meh. the movie's ok. the fans are ok. blah."
I started writing a blog post about it yesterday, but I don't know if I'll post it or not.
me: I personally think she's on mood stabilizers. or some sort of crazy drug.
Mallory: Seriously. Its like she's totally strung out all the time.
9:00 AM me: It's very apparent on Letterman.. the first question is oddly Palin-esque in the weird evasion of the question.
Unless it cut, to a different moment, and I wasn't aware.
Mallory: Go to to watch her on the Today show yesterday. She was fidgity and wouldn't give straight answers...
9:01 AM me: So weird.
Mallory: I think she's uncomfortable with all of it, but she's an actress. She could ACT interested if she was worth her salt.
me: Good point. I think you should post.
9:02 AM This just in!! (I'm assuming you haven't read pop candy.
Mallory: Maybe I will. It makes me even more hesitant about the movie.
I'm just getting to it...
But did you hear about Pushing Daisies?
me: No, is it cancelled?
Mallory: Yeah.
9:03 AM me: Aww!
Mallory: Sorry, go ahead.
me: Do they get to end it?
Mallory: I know, sad.
me: Like, do they get to do the rest of the season?
Mallory: Apparently the final episode has some huge cliffhanger.
me: Ugh
Mallory: Yeah
me: Well, my exciting news is the last Early Buzz item.
9:04 AM Mallory: Oh, about Lost?
I saw it another blog already!!
me: I haven't watched the video yet.
Mallory: Ooh.......
You must

7 minutes
9:11 AM me: Hold up!!
9:12 AM Why is Sayid strangling Jack?? And is that a dead/unconscious Sayid laying at the feet of Hurley???
Mallory: I know!!!
me: In the word's of Ack: a;sdklfjladsfjasdfjklasdfl;jsdfjk!!
Mallory: Hahaha!
It's gonna be CRAZY!
9:13 AM me: And, I think Sayid was holding Juliet's hand in a protective way.
9:14 AM Mallory: Sawyer?
me: That's what I meant.
Mallory: Ok
9:15 AM Yeah, I agree
me: Because Sawyer loves Kate (even though she totally doesn't deserve it) with a love that doesn't die.
Mallory: Yes, yes he does.
me: I'm excited for Lost like everyone else is excited for Twilight.
Mallory: Hahaha!
me: I can't wait.
Mallory: I know what you mean.
9:16 AM Uh oh.
I am reading a review of Twilight that contains the following line:
"Bella's contemplative narration takes us into her confidence like a diary"
Oh, wait.
It goes on to say:
9:17 AM "One of the reasons I only liked Meyer's novel rather than loving it was that it felt bogged down by endless descriptions of how beautiful Edward was. Don't get me wrong -- I love hearing about hot 17-year-old boys as much as the next person. But the continual mooning and swooning made me impatient.

In the film, of course, this is mostly eliminated. There is no need to tell us about Edward's beauty when he's right here in front of us and we can see for ourselves (assuming we are not distracted by his tall, disorderly hair, that is)."
me: Hahahaha
9:18 AM Mallory: Bahaha! Disorderly hair. I think it's worse now than in the movie, though.
me: This
"Bella's contemplative narration takes us into her confidence like a diary"
Made me swear under my breath.
Mallory: Me too.
9:19 AM Okay, I really, really want to chat about Lost and Twilight, but I have to go to a meeting. Let's pick this up later, shall we?
me: Indeed. Because I also want to talk about the next thing to come from J.J.
Mallory: :)

Nov 21, On lots of stuff

3:01 PM Mallory: Okay, so a girl in one of my classes who saw the movie last night says that it is strewn with badly-acted facial expressions.
3:02 PM me: Rock. On.
Mallory: She also said that the parts she expected to be ruined were well done, and the parts she expected to be well done were ruined.
3:03 PM me: Huh. I'm looking forward to seeing it tonight, if only so i can have formed opinions.
What parts were which I wonder.
Mallory: She said the classroom scene wasn't what she expected, but the meadow was better than expected.
So, I will await your synopsis.
me: Hehehe oh, the meadow. The meadow! I forgot....
3:04 PM I will look forward to giving it to you.
You know, this is the first time in a long time that I won't be in Provo this weekend.. I don't know what to do with myself!
Mallory: Hahaha!
You could...come to Provo.
3:05 PM me: But I will in be in Lehi on Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.
We should perhaps have a Gilmore Girls marathon whilst decopaging bracelets.
Mallory: Ooh...I love that idea!
3:06 PM me: Or you know (Insert TV Show Here)
My roommie has Lost, I have Alias
Mallory: :)
Have you seen any Psych yet?
me: I've watched eps here and there
3:07 PM Mallory: That's another option. Or House. Or we could rent some HIMYM. The possibilities are endless, really.
3:08 PM me: It's true.
I love the holidays!!
3:09 PM Mallory: As of 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon I will be free until the following Monday! Yipee! Thank you, French teacher, for cancelling Tuesday's class.
3:10 PM me: Aw, I remember one fall semester when I had an entire week off. Something about Monday being a Friday schedule, when I didn't have Friday classes and Tuesday being cancelled. It was the Thanksgiving dreams were made of.
Mallory: Ooh, sounds wonderful.
3:11 PM me: Rumor is they let us off early on Wednesday. I hope its true.
Mallory: Nice.
For your sake, I hope its true too.
3:12 PM me: It's really funny... There have been company-wide emails going around about the rivalry game tomorrow.
Mallory: Geez, really?
me: One of which was pretty reminiscent if Michael and Packer in the Sexual Harassment ep of the Office.
3:13 PM I have no idea what anyone will talk about on Tuesday.
Mallory: Hahaha! Wow.
I am giddy with joy and can only hope that it is not rated R, even though it probably will be.
3:15 PM Ooh, except for that pesky Michael Sera. He'd better be in it!
3:17 PM me: Oh silly Michael Cera.
3:18 PM He needs a talking to from Steve about not biting the hand that feeds him.
*steve carrell
Mallory: So true. Also, did you hear the name of Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz's baby?
me: He would be NOTHING with out Arrested Development.
No I didn't.
3:19 PM Mallory: YOU ARE SO RIGHT! No one would care aobut Michael Cera without George Michael Bluth. And seriously, it's like, what, 2 months of work out of his life? He needs to just do it.
Okay, prepare yourself....
Bronx Mowgli Wentz.
3:20 PM me: Shut your mouth.
That is the worst name ever.
Mallory: Not only is that kid named after a jungle child, he's got w, x, and z in his name.
I could get on board with Bronx, but Mowgli? What the what?!

24 minutes
3:45 PM me: No kid should have such obscure letters in his name.
3:47 PM Mallory: I know. I wonder what prompted them to go with "Mowgli". I imagine that "Bronx" is an attempt to be hip and trendy, à la the Pitt-Jolie kids with their x- and q- and v- laden names, but, I mean, everyone knows the Mowgli is from the Jungle Book. It's not like you could pass it off as some foreign word or something.

5 minutes
3:53 PM me: Heavens.
3:57 PM And Bronx? It has such a negative connotation.
Mallory: Yeah
me: I mean, Bronx...a neighborhood you don't want to live in.
3:58 PM Mallory: Right
Poor kid.

28 minutes
4:27 PM Mallory: Ok, I just blogged about how lame Kristen Stewart is.

5 minutes
4:32 PM me: Ok, I just commented on your blog about how lame Kristen Stewart is.
Mallory: haha
4:34 PM And I responded to your comment about how lame Kristen Stewart is.
I seriously can't believe I've devoted so much conversation and thought to Twilight. It makes me feel kinda vomit-y.
4:35 PM me: Probably one of my favorite things about you and me is that we communicate over what, a half dozen means of communication and we always have things to say.
4:36 PM Mallory: Aww, you're so right! We do love our words.
me: And somehow each conversation is independent of the other!
4:37 PM Mallory: I know. It's the wonder of the Internet combined with the wonder of TV and poorly written books.
me: That, and I think we're geniuses.
Mallory: It provides fertile grounds for our genius-like tendencies to grow.
me: Indeed.
4:38 PM Mallory: So, everyone in my office (except me) is playing Halo, and I'm blogging at work, so obviously it's a busy day here.
4:43 PM me: Hahaha
It is super stressful here.
We have a crazy boss who is anti-printing
4:44 PM He's the owner of the company and he doesn't like the benefits department, which, near as I can tell, is responsible for most of the revenue of our company.
But he likes to yell at us for random silly things.
4:45 PM Mallory: That's lame.
me: He's really the epitome of a lame manager.
Mallory: (Side note, there might be an available showing of the movie at 11:30 in Am. Fork. Hmmm...)
me: Hmmmm
I'm seeing it at 11:15.
4:46 PM Would you like me to see if there is an additional ticket in our time next to us?
Mallory: I have a ward activity tonight, so I don't think I'd make it up there.
me: Oh..
4:47 PM Because, the joy of reserved seats is not having to stand in line with crazies...
Mallory: Oh that is pretty awesome.
4:48 PM me: Aww, just looked.
There are only front row seats left.
Mallory: Oh, another thing the girl in my class said is that there are a lot of closeups.
4:49 PM Front row seats made me think of that.
for some reason
4:51 PM me: Holy crap. Having Kristen Stewart's Mouth be 6 Feet Big as she says "VAMPIRE" would be nightmare enducing.
4:52 PM Also, excellent use of the use Frack in your blog.
4:54 PM Mallory: Haha, thanks.
4:58 PM Ok, I'm off. I anxiously await your movie review. It looks like the Provo crowd might not be up for it tonight, so I might not go.
4:59 PM But there are matinees tomorrow, so I might do that instead.
me: Well I hope you get to see it soon. And maybe, when it hits the dollar theater we'll see it together.
Because heaven knows I'm not paying full price for this thing twice.
Mallory: Yeah, we will!
5:00 PM me: Have a lovely weekend!
Mallory: Thanks, you too!

Dec 9, On Flight of the Conchords, Lost, and Panic at the Disco

10:50 AM me: Please make a Hihopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros video.
10:51 AM Mallory: Hahaha!
I don't think I would even be able to sing it.
me: have you seen that on pop candy?
Mallory: I saw it somewhere else a few days ago. I think on Facebook or something.
10:52 AM me: hahaha i live the site
10:53 AM *love
10:54 AM Mallory: :)
10:55 AM Haha, I love Mel. I haven't actually watched these videos yet.
10:56 AM me: It's pretty awesome.
10:57 AM Mallory: I am super excited about the season premiere being online next week.
10:58 AM me: It will be a good day.
10:59 AM But do you know what I'm even more excited for? Jan 21.
Mallory: Uh, yeah, that goes without saying.
me: Like, I get really, really excited for it.
Mallory: Hahaha
I know what you mean.
11:00 AM It's gonna be crazy. And awesome. And crazy awesome.
me: I mean, the more I think of them going back in time, I realize, why didn't I think of that??
When does Season 4 come out?
Mallory: I think today. maybe...?
11:01 AM me: Because I saw a few of the extra features from pop candy, and they don't let down, that's for sure.
Mallory: Oh, I just watched "The Constant" again over the weekend, and was reminded of how amazing it is.
me: That one seriously blew my mind.
Mallory: I know. Insanity.
me: I thought I was going to bleed out my eyes, too
11:02 AM Whew. I think I might have to start over again...
Just to get extra excited.
Mallory: From the beginning? Or season 4?
me: Hmm, I don't know.
11:03 AM I would say just season 4, but I don't know, there's so many new things to catch every time I watch!
Mallory: I don't know if I'd have the willpower to start again from the beginning. I mean, it was really intense the first time.
11:04 AM me: Hahaha
11:05 AM Oh, I'm so excited to see your reaction to week to week watching.
11:06 AM Mallory: Hahaha, yeah. I don't know how I'll do.

20 minutes
11:26 AM me: Also, I loved those alternate versions of Panic
11:27 AM Mallory: Oh, good! They're pretty nice, aren't they?
me: I do enjoy them.
I tell you what if they ever did like a really mushy ballad, I don't know what I would do with myself.
11:28 AM Mallory: Haha! I know. Just imagine adorable little Brendon singing a mushy ballad...
me: I know!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Oct. 22, On The Return of Lost:

Megan: it needs to be 2009 RIGHT NOW!
me: I KNOW!
Megan: oh my goodness.
me: It'll be here before we know it...
Megan: i know
6:22 PM 105 days? not so long
me: But I think the whole week-to-week thing might kill me.
Megan: welcome to the die hard fan club.
me: Yeah, I did have it pretty good watching the first 4 seasons all at once
6:23 PM Megan: hahaa
6:24 PM now you'll watch the show, your brain will start leaking out of your ears, and then you'll spend the first 20 minutes after the ep in a slack-jawed stupor.
its exciting.

Oct. 24, On Halloween:

2:08 PM Megan: i told my brother he needs to be barney from himym
me: Oh my gosh!!!!
Megan: i know, right?
2:09 PM I think it could be perfect
me: THat would be legend...wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the last part is....dary!
Megan: hee hee!!
me: Have I told you who I decided to be?
Megan: no! who??
2:10 PM me: Well, everyone is talking about Sarah Palin and how many people will be dressed up as her, so I decided to go for the next best thing...Tina Fey!
Megan: wonderful!
that's awesome
me: (And, it's the easiest costume in the history of costumes. I've already got the glasses.)
2:13 PM Megan: nice one
i'm going to be a farmer. only because my niece and nephew are going to be a chicken and a cow, respectively
me: Cute!
Megan: It'll be fun
and easy. jeans, a plaid shirt, some braids and one of my friends straw hats.
2:14 PM me: :)
2:18 PM Now I'm thinking about Chris being Barney. That would be hilarious! I think he could pull it off quite well.
2:19 PM Megan: i think he could too
i think he wants to be Barney
like, not just for halloween

Oct. 26, On Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

3:35 PM Megan: i really love that hermione thwacks him on the head.
at the end of that trailer.
3:36 PM me: :)
I love how at one part Dumbledore looks like Moses
3:37 PM Megan: hahahha
i think it will be a good movie.
but even watching the trailer, there are bits that are unrecognizable from the book.
me: Yeah
3:38 PM Megan: Which is fine, I suppose, on account of the fact they can't spend the whole movie in the Pensieve
me: Its been so long since I read the book though, that I probably wouldn't notice anyway
3:39 PM Megan: See, I just re-read the series because I thought the movie was coming out in November.
So it's probably better that they postponed the release so that I won't be as picky.
3:40 PM me: Haha!
You re-read the entire series?
Megan: It's what I do.
This was the first time I read the whole series consecutively.
And when I finished book seven, I was sad again.
3:42 PM me: Awww
3:43 PM Megan: Also, Romilda Vane ? Looks like a teenage Bellatrix Lestrange
I'm assuming that's the girl at the end.
Anyway, my roommie and I are off to watch some Pride and Prejudice
have a good one!
Thanks for sharing the trailer!
3:44 PM me: You're welcome. Have fun!

Nov. 3, On Mal's Birthday Party:

Megan: Yeah, start with that post, and enjoy.
anywho, back to your party
its fancy!
4:13 PM me: Fancy? My party?
I dunno about that
Megan: there's lots to do! and it's at church!
4:14 PM me: that is true
Maybe I've been underestimating it
Megan: mallory's party=parties at church=usually receptions=fancy
me: Hahaha! I love that logic!
Megan: It's unarguable.
4:15 PM me: Indeed. That is airtight.
4:17 PM Megan: That's it, I'm throwing that up on your event's wall.

Nov. 4, On Voice of Reason:

9:04 AM me: Okay, I don't want to bother you, but I had to tell you this. I've been reading the Voice of Reason blog, and I just came across this passage about the library that is, perhaps, the best thing I've ever read:
"When people found out about this main atrium it became the engagement photo spot for both book lovers and those who hate being in nature and do not feel it reflects them as a couple. I am all for people doing their photos here, because it's pretty and because maybe they would instinctively feel that piggyback photos would be quite out of place in such a setting. As opposed to parks, where you just automatically leap on each other's backs as soon as your feet hit the grass, apparently."
9:10 AM Megan: I know!!
me: And, also, my desire to visit the library has increased an hundred fold.
9:12 AM Megan: I don't know if I've told you this yet, but if I fall in love with a boy and he decides he wants to marry me, you need to tell him that unless he proposes A) on the roof of the SLC library B) in sight of the Ocean or C) in England, I might say no.
me: Okay, I will consider it my cousinly duty
Megan: Thank you.
me: Of course.
9:13 AM Megan: I don't know if you've read this far in the blog, but she actually posts her own engagement pictures taken in the library.
They're beautiful.
me: No! I haven't gotten there. Ooh...jealous
9:17 AM I am currently looking at wedding pictures and I love love LOVE that she is wearing red shoes. I totally might steal that awesomeness.
9:18 AM Megan: I KNOW! My coworker wore red shoes, and it was amazing. Also, she's sporting a lot of damask.
me: Which is always a good idea.
Megan: and I love her dress. The sleeves are perfect, I think.
9:19 AM me: It's like a Jane Austen dress
except with less clevage
Megan: And I sort of want to steal her niece and claim her as my own. Except for that (knock on wood) Clara will probably be that old and I can make her cute for my wedding.
That's what I thought too1
9:20 AM me: Clara would be cute for a wedding now, though, too.
Megan: She would.
But I'm not getting married now.
9:21 AM Although, my dad said she's probably at the peak of her cutetness and its all down hill from here.
me: Hahaha! Seriously?
9:25 AM Megan: Yeah
It was hilarious
me: That's about as good as my dad calling me a sucker.